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My name is Catherine and I am a self-taught Wedding Photographer with over 6 years of experience. Truth be told, I picked up a DSLR and immediately picked up on the craft. Word got out and people loved my photography. Clients started to fly me around the world to shoot their weddings and low and behold, I really latched onto Destination Wedding Photography! Sounds crazy, I know… it’s such a tough gig.

After kick-starting my career as a Destination Wedding Photographer, I travelled all over Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Central America, and even India. In one of the most random and what I refer to as “celestial events” of my life, I finally booked a wedding in Costa Rica (my absolute most favourite place on this great earth) and have decided to work exclusively as a Costa Rica Wedding Photographer. This is my bucket list in all of its glory; my heart belongs in Central America.

I’m primarily based in the Samara-Carrillo area of the Guanacaste Province and will go on for an uncomfortable amount of time about how much I love it there, if you let me. I specialize in small intimate destination weddings, romantic sunset engagement photography sessions, trash-the-dress beach photography sessions, and exotic boudoir photography sessions.

During my time establishing myself as a Destination Wedding Photographer, I was also featured on Style Me Pretty. I worked a corporate gig where I photographed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and another with Paul Lafrance from HGTV’s Decked Out (forgive me as I boast). I took a bunch of courses on professional photo editing to perfect my product, entrepreneurial development to grow my business, and social media to communicate with my peeps and have since helped a ton of friends get their small businesses up and running (I’ll always share the wealth of knowledge).

Before Destination Wedding Photography, I was originally trained as an Esthetician and worked in that industry for over 6 years with a ton of cool admin positions scattered between them. I believe that my journey from Esthetician to Wedding Photographer is actually more connected than what seems obvious. I’ve decided instead of keeping this bio short and reasonable, I’d rather elaborate on that and trust it’s not a boring story…

You see, I love a pretty picture. I love raw beauty. I love natural light and how it makes our skin glow. I love a beach and what the ocean does to your hair. I love people who you can just tell smell good. That doesn’t mean that they’re our traditional society-driven idea of the “perfect” male or female perfume-ad spokesperson. I mean these people are down-right real, clean, adventurous, barefoot, snort-laughing anywhere people who radiate a natural aroma of radiance that wafts through my camera. That doesn’t need to make sense to anyone… I get it and that’s enough.

I’ve learned that you just have to trust that everything is connected. From the loves of our lives, to the locations of our dreams, to the people who show up for us, and all the quirky circumstances that arise in life. All of that shows in the work I choose to do and it’s what drives my passion. Anyone who gets that should absolutely contact me. I’m convinced we’ll do something really incredible together.